Support for gay men in long term relationships

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Welcome to Married Men

Married Men

We are a NGO with the focus on gay marriages, relationships and families.

We aim to support and promote healthy gay relationships, marriages and families by providing counselling (relationship, bereavement etc.) in-house, and referring to specialist partner organisations when needed.

We have a passion for family and will assist with & facilitate gay men and couples with adoptions. We will also provide a support group/platform for gay parents and all their unique challenges.

In the gay community, there is a unique challenge: Many gay men, when settling into a long-term relationship, tend to retreat from the gay scene. Many move to the suburbs and “disappear” from gay life to a large extent. We will try and answer the age old question: Where do I meet gay men and couples, who are family & work orientated and are not on the scene. We will provide a social platform where like-minded gay men, couples and their families can meet, build friendships and support networks. This will be done by regular social events and by means of an on-line profile driven website, with the focus on family, friendship and support. This will for example enable the gay couple with a 5 year old, to easily find other gay couples with children of a similar age, for support etc. If a child of gay parents have a friend or two who also have 2 dads, it normalises the “modern family” for them.

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